An investigation of methods for the estimation of medullation in wool samples : a thesis submitted concerning subsection (e), 608, of the animal husbandry section for the degree of Master of Agricultural Science at Massey University, by "Choir"

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In studies of medullation in New Zealand wools the need for an accurate and rapid technique capable of giving a numerical index for the medullation of a sample of wool early became apparent. The matter was complicated by the fact that medullation can only be detected by hand and eye when it exceeds a certain coarseness, and to meet this difficulty the Benzel Test for the detection of hairness was developed by Elphick. (1932) The quantitive application of the test has proved difficult; in discussing the evaluation of the medullation revealed Elphick has pointed out that there are three factors which must be considered. (1) The average diameter of medulla. (2) The percentage of fibres medullated. (3) The average distance down the fibres which medullation extends. In order to arrive at an empirical index be estimated by eye the average percentage of fibres medullated over the staple, and weighted the result arbitrarily according to the type of medulla. [From Introduction]
"Choir" is the nom de plume of Patrick Reginald McMahon
Wool, Myelination