Casting a glance : a [i.e. an] exegesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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Due to their constant presence and habitual use, domestic objects are usually overlooked. We simply do not notice the things with which we are most familiar. The act of seeing is also taken for granted, even though it is neither as accurate nor dependable as is commonly believed. Rather than being based solely on perception, our reality is constructed from previous information and memories. My practice identifies objects that are often invisible within the domestic environment in order to provoke an act of noticing and rediscovery for these hackneyed household items. I utilise a slip casting process to create indexical representations of banal objects. A cast object is a naked rendering of the original, a sanitised imitation, and a foundation from which to explore materials and their inherent properties. Seductive in its silence, timelessness and fragility, the material qualities of unglazed white porcelain emerge in the firing process. The heat of the kiln transforms the slip cast; overtly recognisable forms are subtlety altered to create unique shapes. These new shapes are reminiscent of, and allude to, objects within the repository of the everyday. While referencing the everyday, the porcelain objects function as a quiescent form, inviting viewers to consider the complex narratives that are embodied within the things in our world.
Slip casting, Porcelain, Domestic objects