How does teacher acceptability of school-wide positive behaviour for learning relate to teaching experience, highest teaching qualification, and years since most recent teaching qualification?

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School-wide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SWPB4L) uses School-wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS), an evidence-based intervention for reduction of student problem behaviour, as a template for its structure. Teacher acceptability of interventions is important for establishing social validity and can relate to the fidelity and effectiveness of interventions. Teacher acceptability has been found to vary in certain interventions with experience and qualifications. This study examined if SWPB4L was acceptable to teachers in three Intermediate schools and the extent to which acceptability varied according to teacher experience, highest qualification, and years since most recent qualification. Teachers were found, on average, to rate SWPB4L as acceptable but this did not vary differentially according to the demographic variables investigated in this study. Nevertheless, it is encouraging that teachers in these schools have generally found SWPB4L acceptable as this means that SWPB4L implementation in the sample schools is supported. The results are discussed in terms of the practical implications for schools.
Problem behaviour, Behaviour of school children, Learning