An evaluation of the role and effects of tourism policies on the development and growth of the tourist industry in New Zealand and in Fiji : a comparative study : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Studies at Massey University

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[Please note: this is a shortened version of the abstract which is very long.] This thesis is an examination of the proposition that tourism development is to a great extent dependent upon the effectiveness of government tourism policies and government tourism organisations. Put another way, the greater the degree of effectiveness of tourism policies and organisations. the greater the degree of tourist industry development. Tourism policies and organisations are seen here as playing functional roles towards the development of the tourist industry. There are two basic hypotheses to be tested in the thesis, namely: (a) There are causal relations between tourism organisations and policies, and tourist industry development. (b) There are evaluable functions that tourism policies and organisations play in the development of the tourist industry. To test the validity of the above propositions, government tourism policies and organisations in New Zealand and Fiji are researched. analysed and evaluated.
Tourism, Tourist industry, New Zealand, Fiji