Teacher selection : a Delphi investigation : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Education at Massey University

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This study used the Delphi Technique to investigate weaknesses of Division "A" (primary) teacher selection procedures in New Zealand. Some of the major criteria on which New Zealand Division "A" (primary) teacher candidates are selected are: a] Personal qualities overt (e.g. sense of humour) b] Personal qualities covert (e.g. initiative) c] Academic ability (including communication skills) d] Involvement (e.g. with children) A review of the literature as it relates to these criteria revealed: 1] The existence of apparent discrepancies between candidates' academic ability and intelligence and their success in teaching. 2] The personality traits and characteristics of teachers on entry to training show no consistent relationship with success in teaching. 3] The criterion of experience with children (involvement) is based more on common sense than research evidence. The results of the three round Delphi confirm and extend the findings of the review of the literature by indicating that there are eleven major and significant weaknesses in Division "A" (primary) teacher selection procedures in New Zealand. In this light and in the context of recent overseas innovations in teacher selection, the present study concludes by making eight recommendations for change.
New Zealand, Elementary school teachers, Selection and appointment