Hierarchically clustered adaptive quantization CMAC and its learning convergence

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IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
The cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC) neural network (NN) is a well-established computational model of the human cerebellum. Nevertheless, there are two major drawbacks associated with the uniform quantization scheme of the CMAC network. They are the following: (1) a constant output resolution associated with the entire input space and (2) the generalization-accuracy dilemma. Moreover, the size of the CMAC network is an exponential function of the number of inputs. Depending on the characteristics of the training data, only a small percentage of the entire set of CMAC memory cells is utilized. Therefore, the efficient utilization of the CMAC memory is a crucial issue. One approach is to quantize the input space nonuniformly. For existing nonuniformly quantized CMAC systems, there is a tradeoff between memory efficiency and computational complexity. Inspired by the underlying organizational mechanism of the human brain, this paper presents a novel CMAC architecture named hierarchically clustered adaptive quantization CMAC (HCAQ-CMAC). HCAQ-CMAC employs hierarchical clustering for the nonuniform quantization of the input space to identify significant input segments and subsequently allocating more memory cells to these regions. The stability of the HCAQ-CMAC network is theoretically guaranteed by the proof of its learning convergence. The performance of the proposed network is subsequently benchmarked against the original CMAC network, as well as two other existing CMAC variants on two real-life applications, namely, automated control of car maneuver and modeling of the human blood glucose dynamics. The experimental results have demonstrated that the HCAQ-CMAC network offers an efficient memory allocation scheme and improves the generalization and accuracy of the network output to achieve better or comparable performances with smaller memory usages. Index Terms-Cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC), hierarchical clustering, hierarchically clustered adaptive quantization CMAC (HCAQ-CMAC), learning convergence, nonuniform quantization.