The application of the product development process in the development of architectural products : a thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Technology in Product Development at Massey University

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Historically, methodologies in architecture and product development have differed with one based in art, the other in industry but their similarities are bringing them together. This research compares the Product Design, Product Development Process and Architectural Design Methodologies, showing the differences between them and how they are developing to common structures. Architectural design in the 1990s is presented as a multi-disciplinary solution for complex building systems, including purpose built products, and examples of European architectural firms who develop products with manufacturers are presented. Opportunity exists in New Zealand for product development to be utilised in architectural projects. A project investigated the design, development and production of an architectural product in New Zealand, where a combined Product Design and Development Process was integrated with Architectural Design. This was the design and development of a trolley system for the new Palmerston North Library. The Product Development and Architectural Processes need to be interrelated for a total design approach in development projects to produce and market products. This requires a greater emphasis on the inclusion of end user involvement in the building up of ideas and evaluation procedures throughout the development process. Also needed is a better understanding of manufacturing processes and product development. This integration of the Product Development Process including final marketing with architectural design can be achieved by forming multi-disciplinary teams or networking with other professionals for example manufacturing engineers and consumer researchers. This integration should produce marketable products. The research concludes that Product Development is an effective method for designing architectural products in New Zealand for the local market and for export.
Handcarts, New Zealand -- Palmerston North, Library fittings and supplies, Architect-designed furniture, Product management