3D contoured fabrics : proposing a new product and story for New Zealand wool : a thesis presented in fulfilment of the requirements for the Master of Design in Textiles at Massey University

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The 90s saw significant changes in the way New Zealand wool fibre was marketed to maintain a position in an increasingly competitive global market. This research has suggested that New Zealand textile design has been under-utilised as a means of adding value to this commodity and set out to investigate how design in conjunction with technology and marketing could create a new product idea and propose a new story. Investigations into design, technology and marketing were carried out within a generic product design framework for a defined textile interior product. Research ceased at the point at which a product story could be proposed. Woven prototypes developed through studio practice explored a 3D contoured aesthetic for New Zealand wool fabrics incorporating specialist yarn technology, and manufacturing capabilities were assessed to determine whether New Zealand industry could feasibly produce the resultant fabrics. Approaches to the marketing of New Zealand wool were investigated through case studies of businesses involved with the manufacture and marketing of wool fibre/product.
Textile design, Wool fabrics -- New Zealand, Textile fabrics in interior decoration, Wool, Woolen and worsted manufacture -- New Zealand