Hospitality degrees in New Zealand : exploratory research : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Education in Adult Education at Massey University

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Recent years have seen a huge increase in the number of hospitality qualifications offered in New Zealand, after the first degree becoming available in 1993. There are now six providers of hospitality degrees. These recent developments raise the issue of whether industry and providers considered the ramifications of introducing degree qualifications. This thesis explores the place hospitality degrees have here in New Zealand. It takes into consideration the perspectives of students, providers and the industry on hospitality degrees and looks at what the future may hold for hospitality degrees in New Zealand. The views of students, industry and providers were collected via questionnaires and interviews. The research findings from all the sectors suggest a number of important points. Industry feels that the degree is not enough to enter the work force without an amount of work experience and is very sceptical of what level of management a graduate should apply for. Providers felt that it was industry, which had pushed for this level of qualification although nothing had been done to make the qualification more acceptable to industry by introducing a bench marking system for qualifications for positions within the hospitality industry. Students felt that the degree was a way to formalise the experience they had already gained in the industry to obtain a recognised qualification.
New Zealand, Hospitality industry, Employees -- Training of, Study and teaching (Higher)