Hijau : a mediation between conscious consumption and the contemporary media activism : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a Master in Design at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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The research project thus examines psychographic data to design for change to enable southeast iGen Asians become conscious consumers by using social media frameworks and techniques. iGens Asian are high consumer of fast fashion with limited knowledge of conscious consumerism. There is an identified gap in the sustainable fashion movement to address conscious consumerism. After outlining iGens’ key pain points and needs, the investigation examines the significant role of social media as a critical shaper in sharing collective knowledge, personal beliefs, desires, and hopes. It then explores how micro-narrative design can be employed to prompt a shift in attitudes towards sustainable fashion. The end goal is to elicit a long-term change starting with small habits. The methodology used in this one-year post-graduate research study encompassed naturalistic observation, in-depth semi structure interview and Instagram innovation. The design output in the form of face- filters provide an accessible platform for iGens in Malaysia to engage with conscious consumption. Furthermore, the flow of the project has been tested with three key participants. The study would be extended before the live release of the filters on Instagram.
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Generation Z, Malaysian students, New Zealand, Attitudes, Fashion merchandising, Consumer behavior, Moral and ethical aspects, Consumer education, Computer-assisted instruction, Mobile apps, Development, Social media, Influence, Instagram (Firm), sustainable fashion, conscious consumption, communication design, behaviour change, micronarrative, Southeast Asia, iGens