Synthesized cooperative strategies for intelligent multi-robots in a real-time distributed environment : a thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Computer Science at Massey University, Albany, New Zealand

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Massey University
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In the robot soccer domain, real-time response usually curtails the development of more complex Al-based game strategies, path-planning and team cooperation between intelligent agents. In light of this problem, distributing computationally intensive algorithms between several machines to control, coordinate and dynamically assign roles to a team of robots, and allowing them to communicate via a network gives rise to real-time cooperation in a multi-robotic team. This research presents a myriad of algorithms tested on a distributed system platform that allows for cooperating multi- agents in a dynamic environment. The test bed is an extension of a popular robot simulation system in the public domain developed at Carnegie Mellon University, known as TeamBots. A low-level real-time network game protocol using TCP/IP and UDP were incorporated to allow for a conglomeration of multi-agent to communicate and work cohesively as a team. Intelligent agents were defined to take on roles such as game coach agent, vision agent, and soccer player agents. Further, team cooperation is demonstrated by integrating a real-time fuzzy logic-based ball-passing algorithm and a fuzzy logic algorithm for path planning. Keywords Artificial Intelligence, Ball Passing, the coaching system, Collaborative, Distributed Multi-Agent, Fuzzy Logic, Role Assignment
Intelligent agents (Computer software), Artificial intelligence, Autonomous robots, Fuzzy logic, Soccer -- Computer simulation