CapLoc: Capacitive Sensing Floor for Device-Free Localization and Fall Detection

dc.contributor.authorFaulkner N
dc.contributor.authorParr B
dc.contributor.authorAlam F
dc.contributor.authorLegg M
dc.contributor.authorDemidenko S
dc.description.abstractPassive indoor positioning, also known as Device-Free Localization (DFL), has applications such as occupancy sensing, human-computer interaction, fall detection, and many other location-based services in smart buildings. Vision-, infrared-, wireless-based DFL solutions have been widely explored in recent years. They are characterized by respective strengths and weaknesses in terms of the desired accuracy, feasibility in various real-world scenarios, etc. Passive positioning by tracking the footsteps on the floor has been put forward as one of the promising options. This article introduces CapLoc, a floor-based DFL solution that can localize a subject in real-time using capacitive sensing. Experimental results with three individuals walking 39 paths on the CapLoc show that it can detect and localize a single target's footsteps accurately with a median localization error of 0.026 m. The potential for fall detection is also shown with the outlines of various poses of the subject lying upon the floor.
dc.format.extent187353 - 187364
dc.identifier.citationIEEE ACCESS, 2020, 8 pp. 187353 - 187364
dc.publisherIEEE Xplore
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dc.subjectCapacitive sensing
dc.subjectdevice-free localization
dc.subjectelectric field sensing
dc.subjectfall detection
dc.subjectfootstep detection
dc.subjectfootstep tracking
dc.subjecthuman sensing
dc.subjectindoor localization
dc.subjectindoor positioning system (IPS)
dc.subjectpassive positioning
dc.subject.anzsrc08 Information and Computing Sciences
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dc.titleCapLoc: Capacitive Sensing Floor for Device-Free Localization and Fall Detection
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