Learning teaching & teaching learning : an exploratory study on conceptions of teaching held by academic staff members in a New Zealand polytechnic : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Education Administration in Education at Massey University

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This research aimed to identify conceptions of teaching held by lecturers in a school within a New Zealand polytechnic. It also identified factors which influence conceptions of teaching, in particular factors which might affect a transition from a knowledge transmission conception of teaching (Theory 1) to a learning facilitation (Theory 3) conception (Ramsden, 1992). Data on academic staff members' conceptions of teaching was sought from a sample of academic staff at different stages in their career within one School of a polytechnic. A questionnaire was used to identify temporal and departmental trends in conceptions of teaching and experiences of learning about teaching. Qualitative data was gathered from interviews with academic staff and their managers on the nature of the transition over time at different points in a teachers career. This data was subjected to a critical analysis in order to identify factors which enhance or constrain the transition. The results are expected to be of interest to tertiary teachers, particularly staff developers and those directly responsible or accountable for improving the quality of teaching in tertiary education institutions.
Teaching concepts, Polytechnics, New Zealand, Polytechnical institute, New Zealand, Polytechs, New Zealand, Tertiary teaching