Quality local government : the implementation and application of quality strategies in Rotorua District Council : a case study : a thesis presented in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Philosophy at Massey University

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Massey University
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This report is a critical analysis of Quality Initiatives, which have been implemented by the Rotorua District Council. It covers Total Quality Management theories and framework, which have been developed within the framework of existing literature and publications, both in New Zealand and on the international scene. The purpose of this research is to define the term Quality, and its relevance in respect to Territorial Local Authorities in New Zealand. The author intends to ultimately provide Rotorua District Council with an integrated approach to lead the organisation down a path of Quality, and in so doing address both legislative and community requirements and needs. The research proposes a conceptual framework and process superstructure for enacting Theme F of the organisation's strategic framework (Appendix A). In order to achieve the above, the case study method has been adopted, while the literature of quality management theory, and quality management within public sector organisations, was used as the framework for analysis and discussion. Examples of quality initiatives undertaken at the Rotorua District Council are critically analysed, including additional information that was collated using informal interviews of existing staff to supplement the study. The relevance of legislative requirements is also discussed, using the new Local Government Act 2OO2 as the major cornerstone to emphasise the requirement of Local Government to follow the quality path.
Local government, Rotorua District (N.Z.) District Council, Total quality management in government, New Zealand -- Rotorua District