Samoan entrepreneurship : natural disasters, vulnerability and perseverance : a 152.800 thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Management at Massey University

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The purpose of this research has been to explore Samoan entrepreneurship together with the notions of vulnerability and perseverance in relation to natural disasters. The Samoan tsunami and its aftermath provide an opportunity to study the persevering behaviours of entrepreneurs in their natural environment. This has been done by interviewing twenty one micro-entrepreneurs who are members of the Women in Business Development Inc. (WBDI) organisation and asking them to discuss their experiences about the tsunami. The analysis of the results has provided a picture of how when in the face of adversity Samoan entrepreneurs overcome obstacles; deal with adversity and achieve their goals. It also implies that the role of culture (fa'a Samoa); religion and government and NGOs are key themes which seem to provide effective coping mechanisms thus aid in their ability to persist in spite of chronic and habitual challenges. Given these three factors the perseverance capability of Samoan entrepreneurship is characterised by strong faith, optimism and reciprocation.
Samoan entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Samoa, Natural disasters, Samoa, Women in Business Development, Samoa