An analysis of the job disposition questionnaire and its possible utilisation in New Zealand : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Psychology at Massey University

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The Job Disposition Questionnaire, designed in the United Kingdom to assist in vocational guidance, has also been successfully applied in the selection of job applicants. An advantage of the Job Disposition Questionnaire over other guidance aids is its emphasis on the average and below average ability individuals. The present study was designed to examine the Job Disposition Questionnaire's potential use in New Zealand. A sample of 515 subjects, consisting of 270 school students and 245 members of six occupational groups was analysed. Factor analysis indicated that the Job Disposition Questionnaire was based on a limited number of specific factors rather than the more general factors outlined by the designers of the questionnaire. Discriminant analysis indicated that the questionnaire discriminates successfully among nurses, chefs, electricians, horticultural workers, forestry workers and secretaries. Investigation related to reliability gave mixed results, suggesting the need for further examination. A study investigating effects over a five year period indicated no significant changes in response pattern to the questionnaire. These results suggest that the Job Disposition Questionnaire could be applied in New Zealand. However, reservations exist with regard to its reliability and the limited number of occupational groups studied.
Occupational aptitude tests, Employment tests, Employee selection -- New Zealand