Kerikeri 'gold' : a behavioural investigation of the process involved in the evolution of spatial patterning and the 'personalité' of Kerikeri, Bay of Islands : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Geography at Massey University

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This thesis was initiated by two prime factors. In the first place, local knowledge of this area, acquired over a period of four years, indicated the existence of a notable and unfortunate void of recorded information concerning the growth and development of the Kerikeri area as an important citrus and subtropical fruit producer with its own distinctive 'personalité'; and secondly there was an interest in, and a desire to explore, one of the contemporary geographical research frontiers - that of the growing alliance of the fields of geography and psychology, coupled with a view that everything in the physical world is basically process and nothing simply spatial or temporal, a view in which 'pattern' and 'process' are seen as simply occupying different locations upon a space-time continuum. 1 Blaut, J.M. 1961. Space and process. Prof Geog. 13: 2 In addition to the desire to fill in some measure the apparent hiatus of information dealing specifically with the evolution and related aspects of citrus growing at Kerikeri, the writer was also motivated by the assertion of David Harvey that " . .. geographic [From Preface]
New Zealand Kerikeri, History