Gender and real estate sales people : perceptions of self and others in the real estate profession : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Master of Business Studies at Massey University

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This research was a preliminary investigation. It set out to explore the effect of gender on the way in which men and women working in the real estate industry perceived themselves, a typical male and a typical female real estate sales person. Data were collected using a questionnaire which was mailed to approximately 2195 full time real estate sales people working for the four largest real estate companies in New Zealand. A 14 item semantic differential scale was employed to assess these perceptions and a number of themes emerged. Gender was an important factor when people appraised themselves, a typical male and a typical female real estate sales person. Results suggested that sex role stereotypes were influential when these perceptions were considered. Multivariate procedures indicated that while the scale had internally consistent properties, it could discriminate between male and female respondents by a moderate amount only. Directions for future research are discussed, particularly the measurement of outcome variables and the impact of gender related perceptions on these, and the need to redefine and redevelop the scale.
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