Ventus : an everyday lightweight sports car for the next generation

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Massey University
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This applied design research project was conducted to fulfil a Master of Design specializing in Transport Design, at the Massey University’s Auckland School of Design and The School of Design Wellington. The aim of this project was to develop a sports car for the next generation of customers that believe in a sustainable lifestyle and trend in society. In order to save resources while simultaneously offering an agile and exciting performance with less energy required, the project focuses on how a sports car can visually communicate a lightweight sensibility. This idea aims to not only make a car look lighter, but also to make it lighter in order to be more efficient and sustainable. Through design and research processes this project outlines how a sports car that follows a lightweight philosophy could determine its design, and therefore offer new opportunities and layouts when it comes to automotive developments. This sports car development aims to offer an attractive choice for the sports car driver that enjoys driving but also cares for the environment, and therefore wants to express his way of life through his choice of car. This project ventures to create a suitably sporty user experience, as is expected from sports cars, while using less energy, power and resources, in order to be intelligently sustainable.
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Sports car design, Sustainable design, Lightweight car design, Car design, Energy-efficient car design