The Tongan graduate : a descriptive study : a thesis presented to Massey University in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts and Honours in Education

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Tonga's graduates number less than two hundred among a population in excess of 90,000. Tonga remains today a closeknit, traditional and socially stratified, monocultural society yet the graduate group has lived in a foreign culture and studied at an overseas university for at least three years. How has this overseas experience in a country very different from that of the Kingdom of Tonga, influenced the lives of Tonga's graduates? After a discussion of relevant background issues and a description of the sample and the methodology of this research, the home situation and university career of the typical graduate is outlined. The conditions of the graduate's return home are investigated with particular emphasis on employment and social factors affecting readaptation to life in Tonga. The major findings of this research are drawn together in the final chapter and a series of recommendations are made suggesting changes in policy towards this particular sector of Tonga's populace.
University graduates, Tongan graduates, Graduate employment, Tonga