The axe bites deep : settlement and land use in the Pohangina County, 1863-1963 : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in geography at Massey University

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Most of the research for this thesis was based upon two types of source material, primary material and other relevant secondary material. The primary statistical material came from a number of sources; published governmental records available in libraries, especially the Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives, the Rural Valuation Rolls made available by the valuer-General at the Palmerston North Valuation Department, and unpublished local body records made available by the Pohangina County Council. The published governmental statistical records formed the basis of the material in Appendix I. Most of this material was available from the Palmerston North Public Library and the Massey University Library, but for the period 1896-7 to 1916-17 it was found in the Pohangina County Council's archives. The Valuation Department records covering the Pohangina County from 1919 to 1963 provided data on the basis of individual holdings. The Pohangina County Council's archives provided material for the period since 1894 on ownership and tenure of holdings, the communications system, and a valuable collection of newspaper clippings relevant to the county from 1833 to c.1908. The Manawatu Catchment Board supplied much of the material on the nature and significance of conservation problems.
New Zealand, Land use -- Pohangina County, Pohangina County (N.Z.) -- Historical geography