Novel digital VLSI implementation of data encryption algorithm using nano-metric CMOS technology : a thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

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Implementations of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) have rapidly grown in various applications including telecommunications, finance and networks that require a low power consumption and low cost design. Presented in this thesis is a new 8-bit stream cipher architecture core for an application specific integrated circuit AES crypto-processor. The chip area and power are optimised along with high throughput by employing circuit-level techniques, resource sharing and low supply voltage. The proposed design includes a novel S-box/ InvS-box, MixColumn/ InvMixColumn and ShiftRow/ InvShiftRow with a novel low power Exclusive OR (XOR) gate applied to all sub systems to minimise the power consumption. It is implemented in a 130nm CMOS process and supports both encryption and decryption in Electronic Codebook Mode (EBC) using 128-bit keys with a throughput of 0.05Gbit/s (at 100MHz clock). This design utilises 3152 gate equivalents, including an on-the-fly key scheduling unit along with 4.23μW/MHz power consumption. The area of the chip is 640μm×325μm (0.208 square mm), excluding the bonding pads. Compared to other 8-bit implementations, the proposed design achieves a smaller chip size along with higher throughput and lower power dissipation. This thesis also describes a new fault detection scheme for S-box/ InvS-box that is parity prediction based to protect the key from fault attacks.
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Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Data encryption, Integrated circuits, Very large scale integration (VLSI), CMOS, Crypto-processor, Power consumption (Computing), Computer algorithms