The concepts of equality and centralisation and some of their implications in the New Zealand education system : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master [of Arts] in Education at Massey University

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The Concepts of 'Equality' and 'Centralization' and some of their implications in the New Zealand Education System. SECTION A: Egalitarianism in New Zealand Education This section sketches the development of the New Zealand statement of equality of educational opportunity, from its beginnings in England to pre-Provincial New Zealand, the several developments in the Provincial period, through the first national education system till the present day. The major relationship with Centralization is pointed out and a New Zealand definition of the concept is made. SECTION B: Centralization in Education in New Zealand The development in historical terms, towards a strongly centralised department, owing much to the fact of central funding is shown. Past and present problems associated with centralization are pointed out. The administrative system is discussed and the theory of centralization as it relates to New Zealand education is examined. SECTION C: An Examination of Some Concepts of the Egalitarian Principle The section begins with an analysis of Peter's concept of equality. There follows a comparison with that concept expressed by Lieberman and the section concludes with an examination of the concept in terms of New Zealand education. SECTION D: Some Problems Associated with 'Equality' and 'Centralization' In this section, the way the two concepts are seen to work in New Zealand education is examined. Examples are cited which indicate their shortcomings as a basis for an education system. A plea is made for an examination of principles upon which it might be possible to base New Zealand education.
New Zealand education, Educational equalisation, Egalitarianism