Rethinking refrigerated containment : a new vision of refrigerated exports

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Massey University
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This project presents a vision of how New Zealand could work smarter to capitalise on a lucrative global trade opportunity, by offering an alternative to the current logistics and transportation infrastructure of refrigerated exports. With the aid of a world-first FTA (Free-Trade Agreement) (Barber, 2014), New Zealand frozen lamb exports to China are rapidly growing (Meat Industry Association of New Zealand, 2013). However, the current transportation and logistical systems used to export this product were developed over 37 years ago (Chua, 1978). With significant growth in the Chinese market, these systems are now inefficient and outdated (Levinson, 2006; & Food Science Australia, 2005). New systems and new infrastructures need to be developed to accommodate the needs of the new, lucrative Chinese market. The system designed in this project comprises a flat-pack refrigerated shipping container system with integrated internal packing modules. The flat-pack design of the container increases space efficiency when transporting empty and improves security when transporting export product. Internal packing modules divide and organise the cargo in manageable units which eliminate ergonomic issues and decrease the risk of injury while also increasing product safety and quality assurance.
Refrigerated containers, Design and construction, Containerization