Utilising measurable uncontrollable factors in parameter design to optimise the response : ba thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics at Massey University

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This thesis looks at issues in Industrial Experimental Design and Quality Control. The first part is a review of Parameter Design and its evolution into methods of modelling the mean and variance as one system. The second part introduces the concepts of observable and unobservable factors as an extension to the ideas of controllable and uncontrollable factors of Parameter Design. Methods will be devised to show how to choose the best settings of the controllable factors and how to move to those settings once chosen. In the last section estimates for tracking the unobservable uncontrollable factors will be devised. These will be examined to see whether they can be used to improve the monitoring of the system via control charts.
Content removed due to copyright restrictions: Pledger, M. (1996). Observable uncontrollable factors in parameter design. Journal of Quality Technology, 28(2), 153-162
Quality control, Engineering design, Statistical methods